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Key Features

  • 1.8 GSa/s, ±600 MHz measurement range by single-sideband modulation
  • 12-bit dual-channel input, 14-bit dual-channel AWG
  • Parallel readout of up to 10 qubits
  • Configurable matched filters, signal conditioning, crosstalk suppression, threshold operations
  • LabOne® control software and APIs for Python, C, MATLAB®, LabVIEW™ and .NET


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    Digitizer Option

    Key Features

    • 2 signal inputs, 12-bit, 1.8 GSa/s
    • 128 MSa memory per channel
    • Dual-trace oscilloscope with FFT
    • Segmented memory for up to 32'768 scope shots
    • Fast and continuous data streaming
    • Additional trigger inputs in hardware trigger engine
    • Additional channels: auxiliary outputs, AWGs
    • Full LabOne® integration in user interface and at API level
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